The Mechanisms of Immunomodulation in Acupuncture

Nadia Volf, Leonid Ferdman


The heart generates the strongest and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body As all cells throughout the body are oriented according to the magnetic vector of the heart the heart has a powerful influence on everybody process The activity of immune cells is closely connected to their polarity when immune cells become depolarized they are deactivated as a result nbsp We hypothesize that the heart rsquo s electromagnetic signals are distributed throughout the body via the network of acupuncture meridians similar to the manner in which the heart propels blood throughout the body via blood vessels The heart rsquo s electrogmagnetic system governs the structure and organization of tissues as well as the potential ndash and thus the activity ndash of all the body rsquo s cells including immune cells This method of communication is implied in the control of cell proliferation and its failure in a bodily organ contributes to the cancer process nbsp Our aim was to determine whether we could monitor the electromagnetic activity in acupuncture points back SHU points and record this activity with electrocardiogram or electroencephalogram In our preliminary trial we succeeded in recording this electromagnetic activity using electrogram to record activity in back SHU acupuncture points also known as Associated Points or Paravertebral Reflex points but not in an inactive neighboring area control or ldquo sham rdquo points We found that the wave shape of electromagnetic activity recorded at SHU points was different in the presence of pathological conditions in a given internal organ while it remained constant in SHU points representinghealthy organs nbsp In conclusion our preliminary research offers additional proof for the existence of a sovereign system of biological control over the organization and activity of all bodily tissues governed by the electromagnetic field generated by the heart and distributed through the network of acupuncture meridians Our research leads us to believe that the immunomodulating effect of acupuncture results from the restoration of tissue cell structure and cell potential The stimulation of acupuncture points restores the receptivity of target tissues and immune cells to the heart rsquo s electromagnetic signals thereby restoring the cells rsquo polarity and functional activity nbsp

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